Traxxas Slash – RC short course truck

This weekend I finally bought myself a Traxxas Slash 2wd radio controlled (RC) truck. I’ve been wanting one for a long time, mainly just for thrashing around the local bmx track and skate park.

The unpacking was easy, no assembly need PERFECT! The only down fall to my excitement was realise the I had to charge the battery for 8 1/2 hours (fast charger now added to shopping list). After that tormenting wait it was straight to the local skate park the I proceeded to jump the truck off every ramp there, going fast and high every time. Leaving the local scooter kids dumb struck with how unbreakable the truck was. That was until I hit a curb at full speed and bust the left caster block on the front suspension.

To the Internet for new parts it was, I was amazed and to be honest confused by the amount of uprated parts available for the slash. Fancy billet, special plastic, stock and a hole lot of shiny stuff. My first urge was to go straight for the fancy billet stuff, but after talking to the awesome guys at wheelspin models I was point in the direct of RPM product. These are made out of a tough plastic than the original traxxas parts and allow a little bit of flex unlike the billet parts. This will hopeful save the surrounding parts from extra stress.

A big thankyou to wheelspin models as they had the parts I need out to me in less than 18hrs. This meant I could get some lunch time thrashing down at the local bmx track.

The Traxxas Slash is awesome fun for all the family, it even has a train mode that only gives 50% power. I use that mode when my son has a go.
I defiantly recommend them.

Wheelspin Models

RPM Products



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