Effie gets Roof Lights


One rainy day last week I noticed water dripping from the front of the cab roof liner. After a little investigation I discovered that, some point in this trucks life it had cab roof lights fitted. Sadly these had been removed and the holes left unsealed and exposed to the elements. Luckyfor me the headliner had not been badly water damaged, and a temporary duct tape repair was carried out.

Having looked at getting factory replacement lights, I cam across Reacon Truck Lights, not only where the better looking they also have been upgraded to LED lighting.


A quick call to the very friend sales team, I had a set on their way to England.

Sorry in the excitement of fitting the new lights i forgot to get a before picture.

Fitting was very easy and took little over and hour.

I defiantly recommend these recon lights and ill be getting more of their products in the future.