The Story of Ellymay Part 3

Again continuing on with works that have been carried out.

– Replace Windscreen; This is a rather long and stressful ordeal that resulted in Ellymay being off the road for well over 3 months. Lets just call it a bad but day… On this day a fly exhaust  pipe section collided with my windscreen putting a lovely big pattern on what was a very nice clear piece of glass. To most of you replacing the windscreen is not a major challenge, you would just call in your local glazier and job done. Well it certainly was not so simple here in England, first I called in Autoglass this is the company that my Insurer prefered. So they ordered up the windscreen based on my chassis number, this took 3 weeks to arrive and then the fitter and I find the screen is well over an inch to small on all edges. The fitter packs up telling me they would order another one and would be back in touch. Another 3 weeks later still no call from Auto glass, I began to chase them to find out they had just given up trying to find me the correct windscreen.

Having discussed my dilemma with some of the guys down at my local hot rod meet, I was pointed in the direction of a guy how travels the whole of the England fitting american windscreen. one phone call to this man he had my new windscreen on order with and estimated arrival of 1 week. Sadly this screen arrived at the  fitter’s shop majorly damaged, what a nightmare. Credit to the fitter, as he had another one on order straight away via air freight and with in the week he was on my drive fitting the new screen.

A little bit of rust repair was required.

– Removal of Gloss Paint; This situation is linked with the smashed windscreen above, as the both happened at the same time, needless to say this was not a fun task. I spent hours upon hours with all various makes and types of paint cleaners, polishes and even paint thinners to no avail. I had almost given up and was about to bust out the sandpaper when someone suggested nail polish remover seeing as I had nothing to loss so I gave it a try, with a bit of elbow grease the paint slow came off.

– Tool Box; Back to a positive upgrade here, with the fitment of a tray tool box that was the combination of an eBay bargain and a very luckily timed holiday.

Now and the Future

Right well that just about brings you all up to date with the ups and down of Ellymays life with me.  So what is ellymay doing now you ask, well currently she is sat on my driveway with no front end or engine but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I should be picking up the block, crank & original rocker covers up from the chemical cleaners at some point this week. Then it is off to the machine shop with the block and crank for a 30 thou bore and crank grind. I still needed to order new pistons, rings, bearings, high lift cam and a new clutch, this will be done very soon.

The next spare sunny weekend the chassis will get a final coat of under seal and then she will be ready to put everything back together.

I’ll have stories on the engine rebuild once i start to reassemble her and then on the final reassemble of the the whole truck.



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