The Story of Ellymay Part 2

continuing on with work I have carried out already on Ellymay.

Replace Front brake pads and Rear shoes; both from and rear where worn down to bare metal, this some what seems to be a trait of all cars I buy is to have the brakes worn to destruction.

– Performance Distributors Ignition Upgrade and Champion truck Plugs; having researched performance upgrades for the speed density 5.0L  EFI 302 engine i decided the best place to start was to beef up the ignition system, i looked at all the after market high voltages coils and new leads from most manufactures, but what stood out the most and came well recommended is the ”firepower” ignition system from Performance Distributors.

The kits included everything i needed except new spark plugs.

Fitting was a breeze, except for a little mistake on the plug lead firing order, Ellymay’s engine defiantly felt a lot more responsive and smoother. i all im very happy with my ignition system choice.

– Tacho on steering column; sorry no pictures as yet. This was a simple case of I had an old tacho in pod laying around and the trucks tacho did not work so I plumed in all the necessary wiring and screw the tacho mount to the top of the steering column. She works great and sits right in front of the original tacho so no other gauges are blocked. A very simple but effective mod.

– New rear brake lines; This was done due to a MOT advisory saying they are  corroded, they only had surface rust but to keep things sweet i replaced them any way. As I did not have the correct Flaring tools, I measured up the lengths of pipes I would need and the went to my local auto parts store and got them to flare the correct ends on. It was a simple case of then fitting one end up and slowly working my way across bending the pipe to fit the original.

– New front shocks; Well my front shocks im pretty sure did not have and oil in and really not to sure how old they are. So it was time to give them the boot and fit a pair of new Monroe shocks, nothing fancy here just simple OME replacement. The job was pretty simple once a large amount of WD40 was applied to all the threads. I could defiantly feel the improvement in the ride once these had been fitted. It may be time to do the rear shocks soon.

The Story of Ellymay Part 3 coming tomorrow.