The Story of Ellymay Part 1

This write-up has been a long time coming and has been drafted may a time.

Today I decided that seeing so much has happened and I have so many stories to tell, I would try a and condense all the past stories into one big 3-4 part article. this will  then mean I am up to date with you all and will allow me to focus on new post/articles about current events.

Where to begin is always my biggest dilemma, well you all know I have ‘Ellymay’ my 1987 Ford F150 which I purchased over a year and a half ago. I have already written article about some of the works I have carried out on her, Links below.

So now over the next couple of days I hope to catch up briefly on all the other tweaks and treats I have done up until now.

Fitting Alpine CD player; head basic removal of old classic tape deck and fitment of new alpine cd/mp3 head unit. No pictures unfortunately.

Removed old window tint; again no pictures, the old tint had began to bubble so i peeled it all of and with a razor blade I painfully scrapped all the residual of. final result was nice clean glass. I do plan to get the windows retinted in the future.

Paint grill and replace ford badge; the ford grill badge always bugged me as it was faded, scratched and worn away. after several weeks of hunting for a new one, i manage to find a decent secondhand one on eBay. Whilst replacing the badge, seeing as the grill was off I decided to paint the grill recesses black to give the front look of the truck a more mean and defined look.

old badge.

getting ready for paint

all back together and painted.

The Story of Ellymay Part 2 coming tomorrow.