The Dreaded rust patch…

Ok so I have introduced you to my beloved truck, now to bring you up to date.

Several weeks after purchasing Ellymay I noticed the passenger side foot well was very damp, at the time I put this down to passengers bringing the weather as it was a winter.

After a couple of weeks of being very careful and bullying passengers into making sure their shoes are clean, the damp patch remained. Time for some investigation, so the interior strip began.

Repair time it is, so a friend his brother and I set about patching that hole up. I also decided that seeing the interior was all out id give the floor pan a coat of hammeright in a bid to help prevent this from happening again any time soon.

Interior was then put back together and the dreaded damp has not returned so happy faces all around.

On a side note, its defiantly time to order some nice new carpet.