Introducing ”Ellymay” my 1986 Ford F150 XL 5.0L

Ok so its time to introduce my pride and joy ”Ellymay” as in Elly May Clampett from Beverly Hillbillies.

How Long Owned: 1 year 3 months

Year: 1986

Manufacturer: Ford USA

Model: F150 XL

Engine: 5.0L EFI 302 V8

Colour: metallic Blue

Engine Mods: Performance Distributors Firepower ignition kit, Bosh Truck Plugs, Twin exhaust

Rear End: Ford 9 inch with stock 3.10 gears

Suspension: Stock

Exterior: Bed liner, Tool box, grill inserts painted black, Dixie horns

Rolling Stock: Stock 89 F150 chrome wheels, 30” Baja  A/T

Interior: Confederate Flag head liner, alpine cd player, alpine speakers, tacho mounted on steering column

Future Plans: Engine rebuild or swap for 460 big block, strip and paint chassis black, under seal body, fit new carpet to cab, 3” dream beams, rear axle flip, 15” torq thrust wheels, 4.10 gears and LSD, respray in same colour, tinted windows, mooneyes metal flake steering wheel, paint interior dash inserts, paint interior door cards.

Favourite Memory: cruising around the prom front with me and my son Oakley last summer

Interesting Fact: was imported from Daytona beach florida in 2006.


A little something I made from the eBay pictures when I bought her

Out with my old project car in with the new truck


after a good clean, polish and wax.

right well that enough about her for now, you will all see a lot more in the not so distant future.